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10-Year-Old-Tom is an American adult animated series. created, written, and executive produced by The Life and Times of Time creator Steve Dildarian, with executive producer Nick Weidenfeld, exclusively for HBO Max as one of many Original Series.


10-Year-Old-Tom follows, of course, Tom, who grapples with being corrupted by the grownups around him each day just by leaving his house. He must deal with bad influences including litigious parents, drug dealing bus drivers and band teachers who want to sleep with his mom.  If he sets up a lemonade stand, he gets sued for gross negligence. If he plays baseball, he is encouraged to dabble with steroids. And if he visits the school nurse, he is introduced to the world of insurance fraud. The grownups in Tom’s life all mean well, but somehow just can’t manage to lead by example.



On June 17, 2020, HBO Max officially announced they greenlit and picked up a new adult-animated series from The Life and Times of Tim creator, Steve Dildarian, which was subsequently reported upon by numerous online outlets.

Dildarian will write and executive produce the series, alongside animation veteran and Snowpiercer producer Nick Weidenfeld, who has worked on series including The Boondocks and Rick & Morty also executive producing.

“Not only is Steve insanely funny, he is one of the rare talents that can write, draw and do voices. He’s the triple threat that is the foundation of all great animated shows,” said Weidenfeld.

“Steve is a singular comedic voice and also a brilliant visual artist. Combined with Nick’s animation acumen, they make for a winning team. We are thrilled to bring that unique combination to HBO Max as they explore the complications and hilarity of being a child in modern America,” said Suzanna Makkos.

“I’m so excited to be making this show, and couldn’t ask for better partners than HBO Max, Nick Weidenfeld and Tomorrow Studios. I can’t wait to tell these stories through the eyes of Tom, an innocent kid trying to navigate a world that seems to get crazier by the day,” added Dildarian.


  • The series reunites Dildarian with Kevin Reilly, chief content officer of HBO Max and president TNT, TBS, and TruTV, and Suzanna Makkos, executive vice president original comedy and animation, who had a development deal with the animator during their time at Fox.
    • Similarly, Weidenfeld, who previously ran programming for Vice’s linear network, set up Fox’s surreal adult-oriented Animation Domination High-Def (ADHD) block.
  • This is one of several adult-oriented shows HBO Max has commissioned.


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